Often, “operational blindness” develops in companies. This happens when processes and rigid structures that have been in place for years are no longer reflected upon. The daily work routine is stuck and the horizon for new possibilities and opportunities is limited. This can affect individual areas of a company, but also the entire construct.

Professional management consulting is the ideal way to get back on track with an outside perspective. OLS GmbH offers you quality expert advice in the areas of marketing, operations, finance, sales, productivity, collaboration and corporate governance. We look at your company from all angles and ensure with a holistic strategy that your company gets on the road to success.

We can do that for you

In order to be able to advise you optimally, we carry out a detailed analysis in the first step. We examine your project goals, determinants and develop suitable procedures.

As soon as we know your initial situation and have worked out possible courses of action, we will explain these to you in detail. Of course, you can ask questions at any time and adapt the strategy together with us.

In the next step, we take a close look at the tools and processes used in your company. By analysing the scope of functions, we identify potential savings and opportunity costs and can also make cost estimates for optimisations.

ROI is probably the most important key figure in business – after all, you want every investment to pay off. We make it clear to you the quality of our services and the results you can expect.

At the end of the consultation, we summarise the findings from the analysis and observation of your company. To this end, we make clear recommendations for optimisation.

Your advantages at a glance

Thanks to our extensive experience in a wide range of industries, we can support you with a variety of challenges. The benefits of business management consulting range from increasing efficiency in the workplace to simplifying group accounting and consolidation to relocating processes to low-wage
countries. Our specialist knowledge and cross-sector expertise enable us to improve your company in all relevant business aspects.