Cloud Service Providers

As a cloud service provider, we offer cloud-based platform solutions for your company’s infrastructure. This offers you plenty of advantages, including easier scalability and more flexibility. High resilience is also one of the advantages, because cloud-based solutions are operated via multiple data centers that can flexibly adapt to any load, even in the event of more unexpected changes

What we can do for you

As part of our cloud systems, we provide you with storage space and computing power. This allows you to strengthen your digital infrastructure and have more reliability and data security. With high-quality cloud systems, we also open up new revenue options and opportunities to increase profits.

As part of our Software-as-a-Service services, we enable the purchase of licenses for as well as access to our cloud-based software solutions. One advantage for you is that the software is already installed and configured on the server. This way, you save a lot of time and resources for setup. In addition, thanks to the cloud nature, SaaS solutions are scalable and can withstand high load peaks.

Excellent software and CSP solutions are only suitable for your business if you don’t have to worry about infrastructure maintenance and reliability. We support you in setting up and integrating cloud-based solutions in your company. Even after the setup process is complete, we are available to you on a permanent basis to provide advice and support.

Your advantages at a glance


SaaS systems and cloud computing are among the most advanced practices in the digital division of the business world. OLS helps you take full advantage of them and unleash their full potential in your business. As a CSP with hands-on experience in numerous businesses, we know how to take your infrastructure to the next level.