Procedural Documentation / GoBD

Procedural documentation describes the steps and processes that are performed on a particular task or activity. It usually serves as a guide or reference for performing this task and can help prevent errors and ensure the quality of the results.

What are the services ?

For Document Management System

Do you have a document management system in use, do you want to destroy your paper receipts and work compliantly?

General Procedural Documentation

The (tax) processes of your organization must be comprehensible to an expert third party.

Quickstart Workshop

We help you to create your GoBD procedural documentation quickly and easily. In a workshop, we work together on the basis of sample procedure documentation. The sample documentation is already adapted to your DMS/ECM software.

Thanks to our expertise in the application used and our many years of experience, we can show you exactly what is important in the process documentation and which content must be included in the documentation and in what level of detail.

Control & Audit

Do you already have procedural documentation and would like to have it checked by an external body?

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